Introducing the free monthly e-newsletter

As mentioned in our introductory email to the contacts we had for the Dutchlink activities. We fully understand if you decide not to follow the developments of this project. In that case please unsubscribe. You can do this at the bottom of this email. We apologise to those who don’t want to be on this email list.

This is our first free monthly e-newsletter. In this services we will cover interesting topics in relation to Camp Columbia, but also to the various WWII activities that were either initiated from here, or do have a strong link to the war effort in which Camp Columbia played a key role. This also include personal stories. Of course we will also update you on the the progress of the Heritage Plan.

We hope that you are interested in this important part of Allied history in Brisbane and indeed Australia.

Feel free to pass on links to our site to others and post news and information on relevant social media sites.

On behalf of the Team, thanks for your support.

Paul Budde

Chair CCHA

Camp Columbia Heritage Association Inc.

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