At the Pooh Corner Bushland Reserve, which is part of the former Camp Columbia area there are still remnants of that Vic Suchocki has found the relics presented in the pictures below.

The pictures were taken by him after each investigation and after cleaning. The photos showing tags and hinges from furniture seem to show an NEI/Indonesian flavour and may be relevant to the story. The buttons and badges are clear.

A couple of other pictures.

Vic thinks this is a NEI helmet

Dutch Nivea container with cream inside.

This might date from the time the area was a migration centre.

The following is a list of dog tags found by Vic at Pooh Corner Bushland Reserve. There are no Dutch tags. However, Malaysian born Beng Kiam Oe (1st on the list) arrived in 1944 on a US submarine in Freemantle where he was detailed it looks like he was later interrogated and released by the Netherlands East Indies Forces Intelligence Service (N.E.F.I.S.) in Western Australia.

Danny Sleath and Keith Stoneman have alo found Dutch relics at the same spot, including a Dutch dog tag.

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