American Captain Gunther Bonnin liaison with Dutch intelligence at Camp Columbia during WWII

Gunther Bonnin form Oregon in the USA was stationed as an intelligent officer in Brisbane during WWII. In this capacity he was commissioned to the Netherlands Forces Intelligence Service (NEFIS). He apparently wrote a paper on Sukarno as part of his intelligence work. He was probably also a translator.

This foto was taken at Camp Columbia at the issue of the Military Order of William to Sergeant M.Ch. Kokkelink. Three members of the KNIL Women Corps who attended the parade in honour of Sgt. Kokkelink: v.I.n.r. Soldier Van Dobben (from Swatow, China), Public Administration, Corporal Kiewiet de Jonge (from Hilversum), secretary at NEFIS; And corporal Van der Wint (from Leeuwarden) Central Archive. Standing Sgt. Gunther Bonnin, U.S.Army, Intelligence Liaison Section NEFIS. Source: Nederlands Instituut voor Militaire Historie.
Brisbane City Councillor Mrs Vicki Howard looking at the uniform of Gunther Bonnin at the Camp Columbia Exhibition at the MacArthur Museum

After the war Gunther married in Brisbane Nancy Crowe ( a Brisbane socialite). They move to America but it looks like they came back to Australia in 1963. They had a daughter Margriet Bonnin (interestingly the Dutch spelling of the name Margaret) . She was born in 1949 and died in Brisbane in 2022. Margriet is also a person of notability.

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