Maps showing the Heritage Area

These three maps show the Camp Columbia (CC) area as it currently is used. The maps are overlayed on the original WWII map that shows the military buildings and infrastructure of the WWII Camp. There are still some areas that have not been overbuilt and it clearly show that these area will still hold remanent of the Camp and most likely artefacts as they have been found elsewhere in the area.

CC block plan transparent overlay; the blue camp areas transparent overlay (no labels); the orange infrastructure overlay; labels for the present built facilities (correctional centres, etc.); and maybe NO bushland boundaries but just labels (Pooh Corner and Wacol Bushlands) as for the other present day land use features (the facilities).

The blue camp areas transparent overlay with labels: Camp Area No. 1, etc; the orange infrastructure overlay.

Below are the proposed ‘Heritage Precincts for the nomination.

The precincts are (going clockwise from Pooh Corner, which is the core area and key area for heritage listing):

  • A – Pooh Corner Bushland Reserve
  • B – Wacol Bushlands Reserve
  • C – Endangered RE 12.5.3a
  • D – Two Million Trees planting site

Precincts C and D are in the ownership of Qld Corrective Services (QCS) but are undeveloped, while A and B are owned by Brisbane City Council.

More maps and aerial photographs of Camp Columbia

Remnants of Camp Columbia at Pooh Corner Reserve

Artefacts founds at the site of previous Camp Columbia

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