Archerfield Airport – situated next to the extended Camp Columbia area

During World War II, Archerfield Airport, located in Brisbane, Australia, served as an important airfield for the Australian, American and Dutch forces. The presence of British air units at was limited, and they were not stationed there for the full duration of the war. The majority of British air units deployed to Archerfield were present during the later stages of the conflict, particularly in 1945.

Australian Air Force:

  1. Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF): The RAAF operated from Archerfield Airport during the war. The RAAF played a significant role in the defense of Australia and supported Allied operations in the Pacific.
  2. Squadrons: Several RAAF squadrons were stationed at Archerfield, including fighter, bomber, and reconnaissance units. These squadrons operated aircraft such as the CAC Boomerang, Spitfire, Kittyhawk, Beaufighter, and Mosquito.
  3. Training: Archerfield Airport also served as a training base for RAAF pilots and aircrew, providing instruction in various aviation disciplines.

American Air Force:

  1. Fifth Air Force: The United States Fifth Air Force, under the command of General George C. Kenney, operated from Archerfield Airport. The Fifth Air Force played a crucial role in the Pacific Theater and conducted numerous air operations against Japanese forces.
  2. Aircraft Units: Several American aircraft units were stationed at Archerfield, including fighter squadrons, bomber squadrons, and reconnaissance units. These units operated various types of aircraft such as P-38 Lightning, P-39 Airacobra, B-25 Mitchell, B-17 Flying Fortress, and B-24 Liberator.
  3. Support Units: In addition to combat units, Archerfield also hosted support units responsible for maintenance, logistics, and other essential services to ensure the smooth functioning of the airfield and operations.

Dutch Air Force:

  1. Royal Netherlands East Indies Army Air Force: The Dutch air units based at Archerfield Airport were primarily from the Royal Netherlands East Indies Army Air Force (ML-KNIL). These forces had relocated to Australia following the Japanese invasion of the Dutch East Indies (present-day Indonesia).
  2. Squadrons: ML-KNIL squadrons stationed at Archerfield Airport included fighter squadrons equipped with aircraft such as Brewster Buffalo, Curtiss P-40 Warhawk, and Lockheed Hudson bombers.
  3. Collaboration with Allied Forces: The Dutch air units collaborated closely with the American and Australian forces to carry out joint operations against the Japanese in the Southwest Pacific region.

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British Air Force (1945)

  1. Royal Air Force (RAF): The RAF had a presence at Archerfield Airport as well. British air units operated alongside Australian and other Allied forces in the Pacific Theater.
  2. Squadrons: RAF squadrons deployed to Archerfield included fighter squadrons equipped with aircraft like the Supermarine Spitfire and Hawker Hurricane.

The Allied forces, jointly operated from Archerfield Airport to support the war effort in the Pacific. They conducted air patrols, combat missions, training, and logistical support to maintain air superiority and defend Australia from Japanese aggression.

Australians mechanics at Archerfield Airport
American plaque in the Archerfield Airport Heritage Room
The ML-KNIL Command at Archerfield
The Brits at Archerfield 1945
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